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Previous Sessions

Previous Sessions

09 AUGUST 2021Madhu Priya

In a candid interview with The-HER-Tribe Madhupriya shares how Adversities helped her to shape to what she is today. She believes, one should never forget the roots and always have Gratitude for those who help. Her involvement with Social work through NGOs is commendable at this age as she works for child and Women development.


09 AUGUST 2021Sonia Bakshi Sud

Sonia shares her views about Spirituality, what it means in today’s context and how it helps improve quality of life. Also hear her views about how is Spirituality different than being Religious and if there is any age to adopt Spirituality.

10 JULY 2021Harleen Kaur Chaddha

Welcoming #HarleenkaurChadhaa on The-HER-Tribe to share her thoughts on “What role does Adversity play in shaping ones Identity and Character”

17 JULY 2021Pallavi Chaturvedi

Let’s learn the art of family finance and planning from Pallavi Chaturvedi, the Financial Expert and a Certified Financial Planner.

24 JULY 2021Adya Poojari

Let’s hear what Ms Adya Poojari, Clinical Psychologist has to share about importance of Emotional Wellbeing and how to manage it well !

12 SEPTEMBER 2021Dr. Rabiah Bhatia

Impact of Pandemic on Kids and Education sector in India – Dr. Rabiah Bhatia sharing on The-HER-Tribe

03 SEPTEMBER 2021Manage Career Breaks

It’s time we change the dynamics. Taking maternity break is not a crime or something to feel guilty about. Their mettle, skill or capability doesn’t change in few months.

05 SEPTEMBER 2021Dr. Nupur Krishnan

Worried About Weight Loss? Get expert advise to Manage Balanced Nutrition and Diet for Healthy Lifestyle from Dr Nupur Krishnan, FIT India ambassador, about how to loose weight.


17 NOVEMBER 2021Jyotsna Agarwal

Change Your Life With The Laws of Transformation and Self Awareness with Ms. Jyotsana Agarwal

18 NOVEMBER 2021Seema Joshi

Extended family is a small initiative by Seema Joshi to help children in need of support. Journey of determined kids, from no where to well settled in white collar jobs.

05 SEPTEMBER 2021Dr. Nupur Krishnan

Do’s and Dont’s for Navratra fasting. Tips by Clinical Nutritionist, #FitIndia ambassador Dr Nupur Krishnan for healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Be Fearless. Be Empowered!