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December 14, 2021by Dhriti Chopra0


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” -Rumi.


The lemons of life that are bitter and sour can become one of the reasons to derail us from our goals and demotivate us in fulfilling our dreams. Life is full of rocky roads, stumbling over the harsh topography and questioning if that is what it wants. However, what fun would be the existence of humanity with only flowers and chocolates, birds chirping and, the sun shining without a day of heavy rain? Empowering and focusing on the positives of life is a mantra to be preached constantly and remind ourselves of the reason for our presence on Earth.

As easy as it seems to be the messenger, helping you preach the high morals of life, we know it takes more than just the mere recognition of effort. However, as cliché as this might sound, nothing is impossible if you are determinant and ready to face the rocky roads and churn it into ice cream for your own. And Mughda Kalra has proved that once you set your eye on something and are determined to make it your life goal, you can achieve it.

Mugdha Kalra, an Indian Autism-rights activist is the co-founder of Not That Different. Not that Different is a child-led movement that focuses on understanding what it means to be neurodiverse and what incorporates neurodiversity through one-of-a-kind comic strips. This particular method helps children understand autism and offer a helping and to their neurodiverse friends. Mugdha Kalra has a 12-old daughter on the autism spectrum who became the muse for Kalra’s idea for this organisation. She has been listed on the BBC’s Top 100 Women for the year 2021.


Mugdha Kalra becomes an inspiration for all those women out there who want to bring a change to the world with their ideas and unique perspectives but are a little scared to be out there. There is no limit to a dream to improve the lives of others and bring a change to the world.

Indian Women made their name in BBC’s list this year as we have Manjula Pradeep as another candidate in the BBC’s 100 Women for the year 2021. Manjula Pradeep, a lawyer and an activist for the rights of India’s most deprived communities has worked against various cases of caste and gender discrimination. She comes from a Dalit family from Gujrat and has worked hard to bring a change in the Dalit community. She worked for Navsarjan as an executive director and, this year, she co-founded the National Council of Women Leaders. She also founded the Wise Act of Youth Visioning and Engagement. She represented the Dalit community at the UN World Conference Against Racism as a member of the International Dalit Solitary Network.

MANJULA PRADEEP: CEO of National Council of Women Leaders



Mugdha Kalra and Manjula Pradeep have both worked to bring a change in our society. With their unique ways, they have tried to change the perception of people related to children on the spectrum along with the downtrodden communities who have had limited access to resources and representation. We congratulate them for their hard work and effort in bringing a change that is necessary and significant in this century. Thank you for being an inspiration for so many of us.


Dhriti Chopra

Dhriti Chopra

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