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Do you know your strengths and real worth.. It is said that “You are worth more than what you THINK you are”.. Most women underestimate their own potential and never realise it to their own advantage.

The gender gap in salary negotiation in corporate sector itself explain why women earned only about 83% of men’s median annual earnings in 2021, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Inspite of having good education, career and family, do you feel empowered enough to take your own decision and manage your own finances… Or do you still feel dependent being a woman, for every little thing ?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you could miss it.”

This workshop will help you develop the specific skills and broad-based perspectives required to rise to the highest levels of an organization and take control of your own life.

Workshop Outline—What you learn:
  • Create a growth plan and overcome mid-career crisis with 7 Ps of success.
  • Create work-life balance with Purpose, Passion and Persistence.
  • Position yourself with confidence and create your personal brand with a niche.
  • Develop leadership skills to rise up the ladder.
  • Learn the art of shameless pitching for salary negotiation and well deserved promotion.
  • Challenge gender bias at workplace on merit and make a mark.
  • Plan your next career break with a growth mindset.
  • Plan out maternity or other family breaks well without being guilty.
Who Should Attend
  • Early to Mid- senior level professional women
  • Educated professional women, Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, aspiring professionals who have a zeal and craving to have their own identity
 By the end of this e-workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Gain personal and professional insight and confidence in their own leadership role – about their strengths, challenges and opportunities as a female leader and how they can shape their role and expand their impact;
  • Understand the importance of cultural factors for successful leadership and how gender plays a part, and acquire in-depth knowledge that will help them to navigate successfully in culturally diverse and international settings;
  • Acquire a deep understanding about the nature, power and diversity in motivation and how this is impacted by gender;
  • Be able to execute their unique leadership style as a female leader and grow up the corporate ladder, unleashing their TRUE potential.



Aditi Verma, Founder: The HER Tribe

Aditi Verma, Founder: The HER Tribe

This session is conducted free of any cost, for the benefit of the community. Someone from the HER Tribe will get in touch with you after you register for this session. Please press the button below and fill your details for registering.

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Be Fearless. Be Empowered!

Copyrights @ Brainy Bees Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

Be Fearless. Be Empowered!