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Pallavi Chaturvedi, Founder of Bluestone Wealth Creator

Work towards Financial Independence and Financial Freedom to be Empowered

True Empowerment for anyone is only when they are financially independent. Not just working professional or business owners, even home makers require basic financial management skills, but getting there can seem stressful and overwhelming.

Join a certified personal financial expert for an introduction to a painless, five-step plan for taking control of your personal finances.

Workshop Outline

In this workshop, take your first step towards Financial Independence

  • Why financial planning is important for everyone
  • Set financial goals, create a budget that works for you& family, and establish the habits that lead to financial independence.
  • Learn how to make financial planning less time-consuming by spending 30 minutes a week directly focused on your budget, spending, savings, and investments.
  • Also learn how to create immediate growth in your savings and investment accounts.
  • Know and master the key technique for taking the stress and uncertainty out of planning for settlement and happy life.

Financial Goals

  • Life Cycle of Financial Life
  • Relevance of Protection Life Insurance (Term, Endowment, ULIP), Health Insurance etc.
  • Retirement Planning
  • Other Relevant & Significant Goals (Child Education, Marriage, Annual Vacation etc.)

Financial Tools

  • Broad understanding of Equity & Debt
  • Debt Tools available ( Bank FDs, Post Office Schemes, Mutual Funds etc.)
  • Equity Tools (Direct Equity, Mutual Funds- Large Cap, Mid-Cap, Multi-Cap, Hybrid, Micro-Cap Mutual Funds)

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to —

Have mindset to have your own financial freedom and take the first steps for making the right investments ! 

Pallavi Chaturvedi, Founder of Bluestone Wealth Creator

Pallavi Chaturvedi, Founder of Bluestone Wealth Creator

This session is conducted free of any cost, for the benefit of the community. Someone from the HER Tribe will get in touch with you after you register for this session. Please press the button below and fill your details for registering.

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Be Fearless. Be Empowered!

Copyrights @ Brainy Bees Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

Be Fearless. Be Empowered!