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Harleen K. Chadhaa, Transformational Coach
A Blissful Journey For Life Transformation

Whether you are a homemaker or a professional, starting up with family life or in your retirement years, having your own identity and being the rider of your own life is important. And to find inner peace and fulfilment you need to be financially independent, have a healthy body and sound frame of mind !

Looking for answers to these..

Why some people have got more luck in their life? What is wrong and right? Are you making the right choices for your career and life? Why don’t you have what you want to have? Is it possible to overcome stress and burnout? What is emotional intelligence and how it can affect your life?

Join the Free work on Life Transformation and begin find answers to all the dilemma you may have.  Make the most of it !

What You WIll Learn in This Workshop

*Confidence Building

*What is  Self Esteem?

*Relationship between self esteem and self confidence.

*Strategies to improve Your Mindset For Positivity & Confidence.

*Self Acceptance of  Strength & Weakness.

*Identifying fears & flaws.

*Use of Affirmations To Build Confidence

*Visualization Technique for boosting confidence.

*Develop confidence through Role- Play.

*Tips to Face any situation with confidence.

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking for inner peace, facing dilemma in life and striving for personal and professional growth

Harleen K. Chadhaa, Transformational Coach

Harleen K. Chadhaa, Transformational Coach

This session is conducted free of any cost, for the benefit of the community. Someone from the HER Tribe will get in touch with you after you register for this session. Please press the button below and fill your details for registering.

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Be Fearless. Be Empowered!

Copyrights @ Brainy Bees Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

Be Fearless. Be Empowered!